Who we are

Conducting the orchestra

We fundamentally believe that the success of our business comes down to one key thing – happy people.

That’s the secret ingredient. With over 190 people – women, men, young and old(er), from geeks, divas and eccentrics to engineers and technicians, we have a diverse range of people to keep happy. We want everything to be done to the very highest standard for our Clients. As a Board of Directors, and as Workplace Design Experts, we spend a great deal of time ensuring that our team have the very best working environment, best equipment and best facilities available to perform at their best.

Quality and efficiency in every aspect of what we do is essential, so we invest in our team, our workplace and our resources to ensure that there are no speed bumps in people’s days. Happy people produce the best work. We have a lot of happy people!

We apply this same ethos to our Clients. We want you to be happy. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Conducting the orchestra

John Hughes

John Hughes Head of Business Development

Shaun McGuinness

Shaun McGuinness Head of Construction

maris interiors office fit out workplace design experts creative director colin owen

Colin Owen Creative Director

Cliff Anley Head of Pre-Contracts

Tania Bustamante Head of Furniture

Alex Hunt

Alex Hunt Project Director

David Cannon

David Cannon Project Director

Paul Sherwin

Paul Sherwin Project Director

Toby Moore-Morris Project Director

Dan Finlay Business Development Director

David Lawther Non-Executive Director

Above all we have Confidence and trust in our team to always overcome any and all challenges.

David Cannon

Project Director