Who we are

Conducting the orchestra

There are a lot of moving parts at all stages of the process and to keep the ensemble of Design, Project Management, Construction and Furniture experts doing what is needed, when it is needed. It requires very clear focus, organisation and direction.

We are obsessed with your happiness and want to ensure that you have complete confidence and clarity in absolutely everything.

Our time is dedicated to your every need. This is a journey that we embark upon together, so it needs to be seamless, concise and importantly we want you to enjoy it.

Conducting the orchestra

John Hughes Head of Business Development

Amelia Christie Head of Operations

Shaun McGuinness Head of Construction

Colin Owen Creative Director

Alex Hunt Project Director

David Cannon Project Director

Paul Sherwin Project Director

Above all we have Confidence and trust in our team to always overcome any and all challenges.

David Cannon

Project Director