BT Group Rely on Maris Interiors for their Better Workplace Programme

Purpose of Engagement

BT’s Better Workplace programmes purpose is to provide workplaces that reflect the needs of the people who use them. There is no one size fits all, people demand different things. BT needs to ensure their workplaces provide the space, services and experience to support those people using them. That’s why BT are transforming their spaces to improve the workplace experience.

The BT Workplace Design Guidelines sets out the vision for all future BT workplaces, it describes how workplaces should be designed and managed to reflect their brand and values and create a positive and consistent workplace experience for all BT employees. Consistent need not mean identical, Maris needed to create workplaces that are identifiably BT, but reflect local values, cultures and ways of working. By developing and then following these guidelines we can create workplaces which bring out the best in our people and create a real sense of community, of “One BT”.

Maris Interiors Assignment

Through a period of consultation with those stakeholders involved with the Better Workplace Programme and the Consumer Leadership Team, we developed a set of Workplace Design guidelines to be used for the refurbishment and fit-out of existing and new BT Contact Centres. Our Design Guidelines had to embrace and reflect many aspects of the design concepts but just as importantly include localisation, wellbeing, technology, energy efficiency, FF&E, catering, security and branding.

Maris Interiors Approach and Methodology

A Visioning Session with the Consumer Leadership Team developed a high-level understanding of the business benefits and drivers associated with the implementation of the Better Workplace Programme and how the newly created Workplace Design Guidelines could support this initiative across multiple locations.


Analysis of Workplace Engagement Survey Conducted by Leesman

Identify trends associated with Workplace behaviour from both positive and negative employee feedback such we can recommend solutions to improve and mirror the Better Workplace Programme ethos and strategies. Particular attention was given to ways in which we can improve staff retention and attraction within a competitive marketplace.

5 Day Employee Engagement Session

Using a pre-agreed set of questions, we interviewed upwards of 400 employees who work in a “typical” Contact Centre to understand their specific requirements, this was aided by presenting our initial thoughts around how the space would be planned, visual intent and level of finishes. The information gathered was incorporated into the Better Workplace Design Guidelines.

Design Workshop with Consumer Leadership Team

Our workshop formed the basis of a playback session to explain lessons learned and direction of travel recommended in the formulation of the Better Workplace Design Guidelines. Our recommendations were well received and “sign off” given for us to proceed in the preparation of the Design Guidelines.

Production of Final Report and Better Workplace Design Guidelines

Our design and graphics team worked on the compilation of the Better Workplace Guidelines document which took 8 weeks to prepare with continual consultation with the Better Workplace team, to ensure compliance and adherence to the programme. The final report and supporting documentation have been “signed off” for implementation at their first contact centre in Doncaster.