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Architectural Technician

Job description:
It’s all in the details, every single line drawn every dimension checked costs money, so we don’t make mistakes. They check everything. Not only do they measure twice, we measure again just in case. An Architectural Technician is all about perfection.

  • Initial Drawings Review from Contract to Constitution Phase
  • Design Drawing updates through the construction people in agreement with the Construction Manager
  • Site specific surveys as required
  • Finalising As Built Drawings for Project Completion
  • To continuously monitor and improve Maris’ Design and CAD systems and standards
  • Responsible for production of all detail design drawings required by Construction Managers and Sub-contractors.
  • To ensure that all the drawings comply strictly with UK Building Control Regulations and the Design Disability Act.
  • Liaise with Design Director, Project Director, Technical Director and Construction Manager to ensure every

Reports to:
Project Director

Dependant on experience

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We strive to make the whole process as predictable and smooth as possible; we go out of our way to remove surprises from our (and your) day. Our experienced Designers work hand in hand with Construction Managers and we only employ a tried and tested set of sub-contractors.

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