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Design Director

Job description:
We are looking for exceptionally creative, talented, experienced individuals who adore solving problems. A Maris Design Director is responsible for all stages of the design process directing a team of driven, hard-working designers (CAD, 3D, Graphics) This role is all about understanding every element of a project, getting under the skin of it, establishing long-lasting, strong client relationships.

  • Space Planning
  • Creative
  • Sketching
  • Presenting
  • Time management
  • Design vision

Reports to:
Project Director

Dependant on experience

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We strive to make the whole process as predictable and smooth as possible; we go out of our way to remove surprises from our (and your) day. Our experienced Designers work hand in hand with Construction Managers and we only employ a tried and tested set of sub-contractors.

John Hughes

Head of Business Development