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Which is the “perfect” office type? Frankly, it’s probably not the easiest question to answer, as the answer very much depends on your company’s goals and how you intend to work towards them. However, many offices tend to be enclosed, open plan or somewhere between these two extremes.

“No office layout is perfect,” insists Alexander Lowry, a professor of finance at the Massachusetts-based Gordon College, in words quoted by Business News Daily. “To try and make it perfectly suited to your company and culture, consider the type of work you do and your office culture.”

Whereas an open plan office would see multiple staff working in the same room, whether sharing tables or using independent desks, an enclosed office would have a very different layout. This would comprise cubicles and panels allowing each employee to work in their own, separate office space.

Why might you especially consider taking up an enclosed office – otherwise referred to as a closed office or private office, as a wisestep article acknowledges – for your business? There would be both pros and cons of this option, but here are some of the former…