5 Advantages of a Small Office

Both large and small companies abound – but, if you’re just about to leave college or university and so have your eye on your first full-time job, it will probably be a small company where you end up. With that small company will likely come a small office – and don’t assume this to be a bad thing.

That office could even be a home office if the business is especially small or you decide to go down the self-employed route. In either case, however, a small office is of no small benefit; here are a few examples of how they can benefit small business owners and employees alike.


1. You could benefit from an open plan office

Naturally, in the early days of a business, keeping its running costs low can be paramount. This sheds light on why, as Human Resources Online observes, open plan offices have become popular as startups have proliferated… but what exactly is an open plan office?

An office of this type can be recognised from its scarcity of cubicles and partitions, with desks often arranged close to each other in rows or clusters. This environment eases communication between workers, allowing for faster decisions and, as a result, enhanced work efficiency.

2. You can more easily interact with senior staff

In an article for The Billfold, writer Kimberley Lew recalls her experience of working for small companies when she acknowledges: “While most people are lucky if they catch a glimpse of a higher-up in the elevator, I knew all my bosses well.”

For example, she once worked for a play publisher who was “almost always just on the other side of a wall” and always “making himself available for regular meetings”. Therefore, if a problem arises in a small office, you can even take your concern right to the top – within reason, of course!

3. Learning opportunities are plentiful

In a small office, you could often see more responsibilities coming in then there are people actually in the office to take care of them. Hence, the concept of particular responsibilities being assigned only to particular people could seem… well, pretty alien in that workplace.

However, this would all bode well for your educational journey, as your time in the office could potentially see you doing everything from handling social media accounts to interviewing job applicants. Imagine how all of this could help you further down your career path…

4. The spirit of a close-knit community can develop

Whereas large offices can be segmented on a departmental basis, potentially preventing you from knowing what certain people at the company even do in their jobs, it can be a very different situation in a small office. Every single worker could be based in the same space!

As a result, you could better understand your co-workers’ jobs – and every member of the team will be passionate about their own job. After all, a relatively cash-strapped small office couldn’t contemplate holding onto any team members who think otherwise.

5. You can enjoy more freedom and flexibility

A small business is often an agile thing, allowing its workers – even those relatively low on the company ladder – to exert a surprisingly large degree of influence. Sadly, you might not appreciate that kind of freedom until you leave the company for a larger organisation.

At a company where you might never even meet most of the other employees, the experience could feel comparatively soulless. However, whether you are responsible for a large or small office, our Shoreditch-based design experts can help you to keep blandness at bay – phone us on 0207 902 1866 for details on how.