5 Benefits of Good Office Furniture

Has your employer recently been replacing much of the furniture in the workplace – or, at least, floating the possibility? Maybe it’s all just part of a rebranding exercise. On the other hand, it could be because your employer has noticed the advantages of refreshing office furniture.

If your boss is considering revamping the office space, you could suggest new office furniture – and even good examples of such – on the strength of the following points…


1. Exciting furniture can make you more productive

Frankly, you’re probably not expecting to arrive at your workplace and be greeted by an array of vibrant-hued inflatable chairs – but that’s not quite what we mean when we say “exciting”.  We are just referring to furniture relatively unlikely to bore you into faltering with your productivity.

Think about it: if the furniture at your workstation is too dull, you could have little to distract you from brief annoyances, like paperwork piling up on your desk, as Inc. warns.

2. You can more easily source essential items

Your work environment should be set up in such a way that, when you need a particular item, whether that be a pen, sheet of paper, stapler or anything else, you can quickly get hold of it.

If the task at hand calls for you to use a particular office accessory, like a printer, that is awkwardly located and can’t easily be reached as a result, you could easily be tempted to put off completing that task. Hence, the speed and productivity of your working practices could both be at risk.

3. Standing desks have meaningful health benefits

Sitting down at your desk for long periods could have adverse implications for your life expectancy. That’s because your risk of picking up diabetes, obesity, cancer or cardiovascular disease can increase the longer that you sit.

In 2010, one Australian study suggested that for every extra hour you sit daily, the overall threat of your death within the next seven years could rise by 11%. Hence, consider investing in office chairs that would allow employees to work while standing.

4. You can improve your posture

If you’ve adopted an unhealthy posture at work, your chair could be to blame. While traditional chairs have come under suspicion, for this reason, you could swap out a standard chair for an ergonomic alternative including various features aimed at supporting posture when sitting.

Those features would include a headrest and backrest, while you would also be able to adjust the chair’s height for the benefit of your posture, as The Health Site explains.

5. Back pain won’t be – ahem – back

There is, at least, less chance of that happening when you buy an ergonomic chair. This type of chair will include a backrest supporting your spine’s natural curve. Furthermore, such is an ergonomic chair’s height that your whole back will be supported.

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