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Naturally, every business wants to build a workplace culture strongly conducive to enthusiasm and creativity. After all, without these ingredients, your business could struggle to unlock the potential capable of giving you a crucial edge on your corporate rivals.

Still, how exactly you are supposed to foster this kind of corporate culture could escape you. Much of the effort, you might think, should be in your choices of employees. After all, the right people are the jigsaw pieces for creating the right team and, thus, the right workplace mindset… surely?

While it would be naive of us to completely disregard this point, you shouldn’t overlook the extent to which the workplace environment itself could hinder your workers’ creativity. Indeed, Microsoft research cited by Wired UK reveals that, in a 2017 survey, 41% of respondents working in UK offices complained about uninspiring workspaces doing exactly that: hindering their creativity.

Therefore, you ought to assess just how work-friendly your firm’s current office spaces truly are before you start recruiting team members to those spaces, where they could otherwise suffer.