What does office design have to do with profit?

What does office design have to do with profit? A happy, healthy workforce is vital for the success of the individual and the organisation. That’s why more employers are placing wellbeing at the heart of what they do and investing more in their workplace to nurture the growth of their culture.

An established work culture attracts, retains and nurtures its employees. It goes far beyond office ergonomics as it’s about creating a great place to work – supportive furniture and comfort are just one of the many elements that aid the growth of work culture. The most important element of all being ‘choice’, empowering a workforce by tailoring a space to suit their individual needs.


One size does not fit all. 

The frequently referenced ‘one size fits all’ is a common misconception. After all, how can it when each individual is unique and their approach to a task will based on their own skills and preferences.

What does ‘fit all’ however, is an empowering environment where employees are able to tailor their workspace to increase their productivity – giving individuals autonomy over their work style boosts job satisfaction and performance.

Clever Design

Organisations understand the significant impact clever design has and recognise that this is an area of expertise for workplace designers, like Maris Interiors.

Maris, unlike other designers, conducts a workplace study to analyse how a client utilises their current space. Our findings highlight an office’s trends and flows, revealing not only how their employees work but also what their ideal workspace would be like – taking into consideration elements like occupancy ratio (amount of people actually using desks), which varies throughout the working day. 

Not only are these findings beneficial for cost-savings, but they also allow for our team to implement a variety of versatile spaces in the workspace, offering its users greater choice, which is more crucial for an organisations culture.

Greater culture, greater profit

Healthy, wealthy and wise. What may seem like modest improvements in employee health and wellbeing, the results of which have a significant impact on their productivity and financial developments for its organisations.

Organisations with highly engaged employees report a 20% increase in profitability. Other stats include:

+10% increase in customer ratings

-37% absenteeism is lowered

-25% staff turnover slowed

48% safety incidents prevented

-41% quality defects reduced 

+21% productivity increased

Information taken from ‘Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices’ from WGBC 2014, and ‘State of the Global Workplace’ Gallup 2012