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It can be a surprisingly difficult question to answer. After all, what exactly constitutes a “perfect” office design can be a very subjective judgement, with different employees likely to find themselves motivated in different ways. Is there really an effective “catch-all” solution?

In assessing the various types of design from which you could choose, you could soon see how significantly they can differ in their strengths. For example, while open plan offices are photogenic, they have been accused of stifling face-to-face collaboration, as per a Harvard study cited in an Inc. article.

Meanwhile, though research shows that enclosed private offices are popular on account of their visual and aural privacy, they fail to provide the most easy-to-maintain physical environment. Therefore, they could compromise productivity in the long run, a point to which we will return.

Having read all of this, you might be tempted to simply throw your hands up in the air and settle for essentially just choosing an office design at random. However, there remains abundant research showing how you could benefit from being selective with your workplace design choices.