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Maris Interiors recently designed, and injected life into Girls’ Day School Trust’s new London workspace.

As experts in Workplace Design, we appointed one of our unrivalled designers, Design Director Caitriona Holdsworth to work on their impressive London space.

Speaking with Caitriona on her design, she says:

“They (GDST) are the UK’s leading network of independent girls’ schools, and I felt I understood how they wanted their new workspace from the very start – a community driven space, rich with style, that reflects their drive for female empowerment.”

“Community plays a big role within GDST’s operations; what they stand for and how they approach the education sector. I wanted to bring community into the office. I felt the best way to achieve this would be to design a hub for its employees, clients and guests to be able to go to and interact with each other; the Tea Point ended up being the heart of GDST’s workspace – in the centre and incredibly inviting as you enter the office.”

“I wanted the decor’s theme to be female driven; reflecting company values whilst maintaining a simple, clean aesthetic. To get an all over ‘female inspired’ design, I used Bolon flooring. Bolon are the embodiment of female empowerment – two granddaughters took over the company from their grandad and have lead the company to become world-leaders in their field. I absolutely love Bolon flooring, they’re the best!”

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