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Purpose of Engagement

EY-Seren are bringing together all their most innovative and creative people, their designers, futurists, makers and misfits within EY under one roof. They are also bringing their Clients into the fold, with a new flagship Wavespace and Labs where they can co-create and accelerate solutions to business problems.

Currently EY’s design, innovation, customer experience and growth offerings are fragmented across teams that have limited interaction or that collaborate on an ad hoc basis. EY have 450 people in the UK working in these areas, about 370 of these will be brought together in the new campus. Maris believes that physically bringing these teams together will form something greater than the sum of their individual parts – and that will in turn drive exceptional outcomes for EY and for their Clients.

Maris Interiors Assignment

Maris Interiors were initially appointed on a Workplace Design basis with the potential to physically build the project if we proved our worth and value during this initial stage. We were provided with a very vague, but highly driven design brief to create an infectious environment that would disrupt the way EY currently operate. This proved to be an incredibly exciting and collaborative project with multiple stakeholders from within EY and also their wider audience, including Clients. We were asked to challenge the way EY operate, in that, for the last 200 years they have been very successful, driven by a distinct culture of not making mistakes and remaining risk adverse, given their source of audit quality and a position of trust with Clients. We were challenged with how we create relevancy through our design to help EY recognise that to be successful, their business needs to adapt. We showed how our design would allow EY to change their business and expand into new areas. We proved they needed to experiment, iterate, fail and scale.

Not only did we create a design and space to deliver against each objective, we were also appointed to build the project working alongside their external professional team. Maris Interiors were responsible for all elements of design and construction including liaising with the Landlord to ensure our mechanical, electrical and structural designs and calculations were met with approval and signed off.