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Reason for Appointing Maris Interiors

Huawei recognised the importance of our team understanding their culture and how this is translated into their current and future ways of working. A huge project of a relocation and the addition of 800 new employees, Maris agreed the best way for our team to understand, respect and appreciate the culture within Huawei would be to immerse our team into their business for 2 weeks. This enabled our team to meet and discuss how the employees use the office, observe the behaviours and working practices giving us a greater appreciation of the issues and constraints within their current environment. Huawei conducted a thorough tender process bidding Design & Build companies against more traditional offerings, including the CAT A fit-out along with CAT B, given the building was taken in shell and core condition. Maris Interiors were appointed on the strength of our design and competitive commercial approach.

Scope of Services Provided

We undertook a thorough Workplace Study observing workstation and meeting room utilisation including breakout, collaboration spaces and their catering and restaurant facilities. Close coordination with their Landlord, Oxford Properties, was fundamental given the shell and core nature of the building, our architectural design influenced the mechanical installation undertaken by the Landlord on behalf of Huawei. Maris Interiors developed all concept and detailed designs for every aspect of this project including, biophilia, AV, security, acoustics, catering and external landscaping and signage. The project was delivered under a JCT Design & Build Contract with our costs broken down under CAT A, CAT B and enhancements.

Innovative Construction Approach

At 26 weeks, the construction programme had to be “watertight” with no risk of delay, therefore planning and risk mitigation was paramount. We identified those long lead items and placed early orders, produced a detailed procurement schedule and managed our sub-contractors daily to ensure programme compliance. We levied penalties with our supply chain for any non-conformance, with incentives for early completion of works. The project was delivered on time, snag free with a delighted Client.