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Client: Servicenow

Sector: IT & Communications

Location: Staines, TW18

Size: 30,000 sq ft

Duration: 12 weeks

Design Director: Renata Jonauskaite

Aptly enough for a Silicon Valley tech company, Servicenow’s newly situated Staines office is rich with contemporary style and echoes the nature of the space as an inspired workplace in the UK.


When Servicenow decided to swap their previous office for a larger workspace, they were also seeking a completely new style. ‘First and foremost, our scheme aims to avoid a corporate aesthetic,’ says Renata Jonauskaite, Design Director at Maris Interiors. ‘Instead, we try to create an environment that has a welcoming, homely feel.’ The design brilliantly marries different styles, textures and colours to achieve a warm, collected atmosphere.

We carefully renovated the space to create the perfect environment for Servicenow and to make the UK feel like their home. ’Our approach to the design was to look at Servicenow’s business aspirations and embrace them.’ says Renata. For this particular site, Renata wanted to embrace the community. The workspace was designed and orientated around different London neighbourhoods; creating a simplistic, very easy to use wayfinding system for the office. ‘We wanted to bring subtle references of London by orientating the plan relating to geographical areas,’ says Renata. 


Upon entering the office, you can see its versatile and functional layout; glass walls and low-level partitions that divide the wide-open space into private rooms and designated workspace areas. ‘We understand the importance of creativity and innovation for Servicenow’s workspace. We aimed to create a space that is inspiring, easily adaptable to the employee’s needs and provides multiple options of workplace setups that encourage a creative and collaborative work culture,’ Renata says.

Its transparency is what makes this workspace so inclusive and connected, with the added versatility of also having private and quiet spaces. Renata highlights further, ‘This space must be able to perform on many levels; being a mixture of functionality and flexibility as well as it needing to be connected for the staff to embrace the team spirit fully.’

Staff perform their best in a more comfortable and welcoming office environment. With that in mind, we took a collected approach with the newly-designed office, featuring mismatched chairs teamed with bold, exaggerated colours for a relaxed feel, and sleek tufted sofas with pebble grey upholstered seats; a bespoke design determined to tie the many different textures and patterns together to reflect Servicenow’s modernistic style and personality.


Unlike Servicenow’s headquarters in California, the UK can get dark very quickly throughout the winter and autumn months, making many offices feel exhausted and claustrophobic.

The large front-facing windows and high ceilings encourage lots of light and bring a sense of space. Rather than the vast space feeling like a soul-less environment, because the workspace is so big, the darker patterned wallpaper and exposed brickwork helping to make it feel cosy rather than empty.

This inspired office works cohesively as a whole. We achieved this by blending in colour, form and function throughout the space, taking into consideration how each element works together holistically and ensuring this refined space never goes out of style. 

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