What we do

We’ve walked around your space before it’s even built

We appreciate that not everyone understands how to read a 2D Space Plan, so it’s vital that our clients understand every aspect of what they are getting. As such we have the best 3D Artists in the industry creating photo-real imagery that helps our clients see exactly what their space will look like when it’s finished.

3D visuals are often associated with the end result, but we actually use it as a tool to develop the design, showing options of finishes, furniture, lighting or details all the way throughout the design process. If you think about it like visiting the Opticians; aligning both eyes for the perfect vision.

We use 3D is to help illuminate the details, to illustrate how your space will look when it’s finished, this in turn allows you to be able to communicate with your business to gather momentum and excitement for the project.

The only downside of (for you) is that when the project is complete you won’t have the same ribbon-cutting surprise moment that the rest of your business will have, as it will look exactly as it did in the visuals, so you, but clarity of vision and surety outweigh this.

The workplace today has never been more complex and more expensive. Our role is simple, to minimise your cost of occupancy and irradiate risk. Our passion for the workplace and innovation within the workplace drives us to to think, read, listen and see many experiences with a common thread, people.

Colin Owen

Creative Director