What we do

The infrastructure of your new space

Often this will already be done for you by the Landlord, if you have a lovely shiny metal (raised access) floor, there’s a ceiling and there’s lighting then you’re all set, read no further. There will unlikely be floor finish installed, but the Landlord will make a contribution to this and the power & data as part of your deal with them.

However, what is becoming more prevalent is a Landlord giving you the space as shell & core. This is essentially the shell of the building, with no fittings whatsoever. You may think this sounds crazy, but the great thing about taking a shell and core space is that you get to influence everything that is installed.For example, there’s a suspended ceiling and you want to have an exposed ceiling; the ceiling tiles all need to be removed and stored for re-instatement at the end of your lease term. The same goes for carpet, you may hate what’s there. Perhaps the air-conditioning units; they may be in the wrong place for the rooms that you want, all of which is costly to change.

If you get the space as a shell and core, we will work with you and the Landlord to ensure that your final, finished office has everything where it needs to be so that you and the Landlord are happy. The Landlord will make a contribution to the CAT A works, so for example if you wanted a £25 per sqm carpet, they would pay for it for you as that’s the allowance they had, if you want a £50 per sqm carpet, they would pay £25 of that as a contribution. The same goes for lighting, ceilings, power and data. Which is far less wasteful and makes a lot of sense.

Being with you on the first step of your journey, watching the relationship evolve, and maintaining clear and honest dialogue is crucial to creating the foundations for a solid Client relationship.

David Cannon

Project Director