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The culture of a business is so important and something we have to come to understand very quickly. Our role is to seek out the values of a business and implement those values in the workplace.

This is where we are most curious, during this part of the process we are learning and seeking out a fundamental understanding of your business. We try to get under the skin of your organisation, speak to as many people as possible, understand your culture, your brand your roots, anything and everything. We need to get you. If we understand you fundamentally, we can ask the right questions, challenge you in the right way and help you make the right decisions. There’s a point in some projects where we will know more about your organisation than a fair few of your employees!

The company’s goals, ethos, drivers, morals, ideals and culture need to be obvious to visitors and the staff who visit the office.

Our passion for the workplace and innovation within the workplace drives us to think, read, listen and see many experiences with a common thread, people.