What we do

Change is a word that everyone hates

In most walks of life, people are afraid of change, it pushes people out of their comfort zone. Whether it be changing their hairstyle, their outfit, their friends, favourite bar or restaurant- you name it, ‘change’ is the forbidden c-word.

Companies can get settled in their routine, and become too complacent with their old office which may date back to the early 2000s, 1990s, or even the 80s – when the dreaded ‘cubicle farms’ spawned and spread like a plague throughout. The approach to office design has evolved greatly in the last 30 years, with companies becoming less remote and embracing the ‘mobile’ world; smartphones and laptops are the essential tools that allow people to work anytime, anyplace, anywhere – known in some Gen X circles as ‘Martini working.’

Clients can be reluctant to change their office because they may think that their old design works just fine and if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Or maybe changing the workplace may be daunting for the sheer thought that their employees understand their workplace and changing anything will only disrupt their process – but what if their process is wrong? Workplace designers change workplaces by adding choice to the space, making the workplace adaptable to cater to its users needs.


Our overriding inspiration is the completion of a project. We want our Clients to be truly excited at how fantastic their new workplace is. The culture of a business is so important and something we have to understand very quickly, our role is to seek DNA of a business and build on the great.

Paul Sherwin

Project Director