What we do

Change is a word that everyone hates

We know how people respond to this word, it terrifies most people. Change can push people out of their comfort zones, forces someone to change their daily routine (working practices, commute, desk location, view, local pub). A person’s routine is very precious to them, so when it comes into question there is a lot of apprehension attached to it.

The first rule about change is that we don’t talk about change, we in fact actually don’t use the word ‘change’ instead we call it evolution. When we start a conversation about how we are here to help evolve the business or the working practices of an organisation the conversation starts from a far better place. Naturally people want to add value and be a part of it.

For example, if we ask the question: How could we change the way you do things? The association is with the current way that things are done and critiquing everything about your current ways of doing things. However, when asked: How do we evolve the business and it’s working practices? There is a better more positive spin on the thought process. Putting the emphasis on the business goals as opposed to the way that one person works, also gains a better trajectory for the project (you’ll find that people will talk about their working practices or associated working practices anyway!)

The evolution of your office space is the golden opportunity to unlock and boost your business.

Staff engagement, empathy and responding to the staffs needs builds a strong team that feels important. Forcing change on people is unfair, much as High-Design is very ‘cool’ the space has to work for everyone. Some people may be doing their job really well at the moment, so why change what they’re doing, it may only be a handful of people who you need to pump up, encourage or get to work better and in new ways. So, if you’re making big changes don’t expect everyone to embrace it.

Our overriding inspiration is the completion of a project. We want our Clients to be truly excited at how fantastic their new workplace is. The culture of a business is so important and something we have to understand very quickly, our role is to seek DNA of a business and build on the great.

Paul Sherwin

Project Director