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Our goal is to make the world a better place through the design of the workplace. Coming to work should be a joy and every interaction, whether planned or not, should have been considered in the office design process.

We are confident, and proud, in saying that we are one of the biggest and most experienced office design companies in the industry.

Successful office design creates spaces that are intelligent and productive and promote wellbeing. Getting the best out of your team is a must; a well-designed office should encourage productivity as well as nurture the wellbeing of your staff.

Office Design is not a physical thing; it’s a process.

Through working with our clients, we come to understand their every need – likes and dislikes; what does and doesn’t work; how they would like to use their space, and how we can help them achieve it. This collaborative process brings us closer to designing and creating incredible workspaces that everyone – employees and guests alike – enjoy spending their time.

Our innovative office design concepts create adaptable workspaces that increase productivity and promote the health and well-being of its users. We are also proud to say that we have the biggest, best and most experienced Design Team in the industry; and when you meet us, you’ll see just how much we love what we do.

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Types of Office Designs


It’s important not to underestimate the importance of your corporate office to your company’s long-term success. Our workplace design experts here at Maris Interiors can, craft a corporate office design that is well-suited to your employees’ work and so can lead to increases in productivity and, as a result, revenue.



As the world and workers – especially younger employees – become more eco-conscious, your workplace should be adapted to suit. Our workplace designers can carefully craft a green office design that enables you to reduce your company’s carbon footprint – and, in this way,  help save the planet.


The contemporary office is streamlined, flexible and scalable, allowing it to take account of the company’s current needs while still capable of accommodating its future requirements. We can produce a modern office design in a tailored manner to help ensure that your staff are happy and comfortable and work to their optimum productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Improve Our Workplace?

As problem solvers, we want to help fix anything and everything about your workplace that doesn’t work. We want to challenge you, explore what’s possible and create amazing spaces that your employees and clients will love. Our workplace consultants have decades of experience analysing different work-styles, trends, and routines of staff activity. Only through this process can you accurately assess how a workplace needs to change to meet your company’s needs. We research various aspects of your company; branding; values; company ethos, vision and competitors. We get a better idea of what design and work-style will match your company’s future

What Is The Process For Designing An Office?

Whether you ask us to provide you with a whole new office design or an office refurbishment from our London premises, our process is more or less the same. There are several stages to the design process. After the consultation – once we’ve analysed your workspace and work-styles – we begin generating plans, illustrations, 3D renders, and sample boards of your new office interior. We regularly share these materials with you as part of what we call the “Presentation” stage of the design process. Those materials will give you an insight into how various components of the completed office, such as the office furniture, lighting and meeting rooms, will work in practice within the office interior.

Once you are 100% satisfied with the design, we will prepare a complete drawing package including all elements of the design; floor plans, joinery pieces and mechanical and electrical plans. We will also finalise the choices of furniture and other finishing touches. When the Design & Fit process is complete, we will be ready to present the finished workspace to your employees and train them on how to use the new space.

How Do I Decide What Design I Want?

Office design is a collaborative process. If you already have ideas for how you would like your new office to look and function, then we’d love to hear them. We then begin planning, sketching, and examining potential materials to use as we build a model of your bespoke office. You then provide us with your thoughts on the design and let us know of your changes to any of its elements.

In response to your feedback, we revise the design until you are delighted with our concept drawings, from which we will then make a 3D visualisation of the office. We will continue to change and revise the design along the way until it is to your satisfaction. We ensure the final result provides a strong basis for not only a stylish space but one that meets your employees’ practical requirements.

We want to create spaces that people will be happier in, that are enjoyable to dwell in and that people WANT to spend time in. We champion the creation of spaces that are stimulating, intuitive, clever and efficient, not only from a workflow point of view, but also a space saving point of view. Importantly, they must be productive and inspiring environments.

Colin Owen

Creative Director