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It’s a blank canvas, now let’s get creative

Office Fit Out

Having a blank canvas will allow you to firstly find the right type of building that you want. If you’re currently across multiple floors, it’s likely that you struggle with connectivity and culture. So, for your new space you may want to find a single floorplate, this could be a game-changer for your business, it will promote culture, it will enable interaction, it will bring people (and the business) closer together.

We are experts at helping you find the right space, and when you have it making it the most amazing environment possible.

Where does a new employee or new client of yours’ experience of your business start? Online, a phone call, then they come to see you… the impression that they get from your space upon entering is vital.

If people have work to do, they will find a way no matter where they are. Work is an activity, not a place. That being said, the space that you do have needs to support them. A space that is designed for ALL the people, not just one person, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to office design. Forcing everyone to work the same way is archaic and devolutionary. A successful workplace is one which is easy to use and well thought through. Great office environments produce happy people, and I believe that happy people are the most productive.

With a blank canvas, you also have the wonderful ability to be able to leave your old desk on a Friday and sit down at your new one on a Monday, which is nice!

By strategically managing and implementing the delivery stage of the project, we can guarantee the project finishes on time and that every detail is perfect.

Alex Hunt

Project Director