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Office Furniture Solutions

Furniture is tactile by its very nature; everyone uses furniture. Sore backs, necks or bottoms are all attributed to the furniture not being fit for purpose.

Performance and productivity should be by-products of comfort. Furniture also has to look right and complement the rest of your office scheme. Due to longstanding relationships, our Furniture Team acquires furniture at the best rates from some of the world’s best furniture suppliers. Our Furniture Team will curate, recommend and tailor a furniture solution perfect for your workspace needs

How Do You Decide What’s Best?

Quite simply, try before you buy. We can arrange showroom visits (usually with a free lunch!) for you to try different products. We can also have sample furniture delivered and set up in your current space for you and your team to test. This way, you can be assured that what you are getting is right for you. Our team of consultants can conduct ‘furniture audits’, where we examine all of your current furniture and analyse what does and doesn’t work for you.

Office Desks and Chairs

These days, office desks are comprehensive workstations built to foster productivity and creativity. Over years of growing popularity, a variety of workstations have saturated the market and this can make it difficult for businesses to select one. We can remove the hassle for you and help you to find the right workstation, of the right size and finish. We can also guide you in making the most suitable selections from a wide range of office chairs, including breakout, ergonomic and task chairs.

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All the Furnishings for Your Needs

Office Reception Furniture

Office Reception Furniture

The reception is a clients’ first port of call and making your first impression starts here. First impressions are crucial in business, which is why settling on the right office furniture and design for your reception area is vital. You can take your pick from classic and contemporary office furniture and soft seating – the options for your reception are abundant. Our team can enlighten you about creative possibilities, such as opting for bench seating with integrated magazine shelving or choosing coffee tables in an extensive range of colours and finishes.

Boardroom Furniture

Office Meeting and Boardroom Furniture

The furniture you choose for meeting rooms and boardrooms can have a massive impact on how your clients or guests think of you. Your company’s culture and attitudes are characterised through your choice of furniture and can have a possible influence over the tone or mood of a meeting. We can make your meeting/boardrooms adapt to your needs. By incorporating creative design solutions, like modular furniture and melamine tabletops with metal table supports, you can repurpose an area for when it isn’t in use.

Office Screens

Office Pods and Screens

Some modern offices with an “open plan” environment can lack privacy, especially if they lack physically separated meeting rooms and breakout areas. However, with the right office pods and screens, you can create the privacy your workers have long craved. Acoustic pods, for example, look stylish and effectively absorb sound, eliminating issues with noisy, distracting office environments.

Training Furniture

Naturally, a business and its requirements can continually change, especially as new people join its workforce. Having the right workplace office furniture for training purposes helps new employees quickly get up to speed. Our furniture design services can account for the likes of stacking chairs, tilt-top tables and computer training desks.

Office Storage Cabinets

Even as digitisation continues to take effect in the business world, you shouldn’t overlook your company’s need for physical storage. We can help you to find the right solutions for storing away financial reports, stationery, computer equipment, gadgets, devices and more. With the solutions on offer including filing cabinets, desk pedestals and personal storage lockers, you can look forward to seeing a clean office environment free of clutter. Whatever you have in mind, our experienced Furniture Team can select and source the most cost-effective furniture designs to suit your needs, no matter how complex.

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