What we do

Everyone uses it, so it’s got to be right

Furniture is tactile by its very nature; everyone uses furniture. Sore backs, necks, or bottoms are all attributed to the furniture not being fit for purpose. Performance and productivity should be a by-product of comfort. It does, however, have to look right, and complement the rest of your office scheme. Our Furniture Team has a massive amount of experience and buys furniture at the best rates due to longstanding relationships with some of the world’s best furniture suppliers.

Working side by side with our Design Team we will curate, recommend and tailor a furniture solution perfect for all of your needs.

Looking at pictures is fine, to begin with, but how do you decide what feels best? Simple, you try before you buy. We can arrange showroom visits (usually accompanied by lunch) and have sample furniture delivered and set up in your current space for you and your team to test, this way you can be assured that what you’re getting is right for you. Our team of consultants can check over everything you have now too; furniture audits, storage audits, furniture refreshing are all just as important as a shiny new chair or desk.

We are inquisitive and curious and consider ourselves to be problem seekers; our Clients are drawn to us because of our ability and desire to solve their business problems.

John Hughes

Head of Business Development