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A project doesn’t just end on the practical completion date, quite the contrary, we know that if you have chosen to work with us, that you want the very best, and the best for us is making sure you stay happy well after you’ve moved in. In fact, we want you to be happy forever.

Once you’ve settled into your new space, if a door creaks, a ceiling tile moves out of line, a light bulb flickers, or a carpet tile comes loose, who are you going to call? Don’t worry, the chances are we’d have already been in and spotted the problem before you!

We are dedicated to your continued happiness, so regularly check in with you to make sure that everything is OK. As we know the specification of everything, it’s easy for us to source whatever is needed. We are the people you will speak to 6 months after you move in when you decide to add that extra bank of desks that you weren’t expecting to need for another year.