What we do

There’s lots of things to consider, so we do

We want to create certainty and give you full confidence in the project. To do this we present everything in a clear, concise way so you are 100% confident with the specification, budget and programme. We cost every wall, floor, light, plug socket, joinery detail, skirting board, nut and bolt and break the costs down into a very detailed list for you. We will even show you prices of things that you didn’t ask for, but we thought you’d like to know, just in case!

Projects be they large, small, multiple floors, relocations, in-situ refurbishments, re-stacks of every shape and every size require an enormous amount of organisation and planning, especially when we are aiming for perfect delivery. As such, our in-house team works diligently to cover every base, predict any problem, structure timings and mitigate all risk from your project.

Our attention to detail and quality is second to none and we will always over-deliver. We’ll guarantee the project finishes on time and make ourselves available to you (pretty much) 24 hours a day.

Amelia Christie

Head of Operations