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Space planning isn’t just calculating how many desks you can fit into a single space. Space planning is one of the essential elements of workplace design, and getting this right can potentially save you millions of pounds in rent.

The devil is in the details. The key to space planning is working with the right metrics, and it’s crucial to record everything accurately; getting it wrong can not only waste space but money too.

Let us give you an example; a previous client of ours occupied half of two floors in the same building. They were expanding and wanted to take 1 ½ floors of available space (approximately 10,000 sq ft more). Through space planning, we calculated that by them buying new furniture 20cm smaller they could save themselves £3.5m in rent over their lease term, and fit on one floor.

Saving space also creates space for other things that you may want or need. By getting the metrics to work in your favour, you can add rooms and spaces that you may not think you could have fitted in before. To put it simply, the space plan of your office is one of the most important documents that your business will look at during this process.

Our Designers are experts at Space Planning, so we will help you to fit what you need into your space, we will also help you check that you’re not taking too much space. Optimising your workplace comes in many forms, but the first commodity you need to look at is the desk footprint, as when multiplied you’d be amazed the difference a change of desk size or a better layout can make.

How can space planning benefit your workforce?

Ultimately, you want a workspace where your employees enjoy spending time and reach their optimum productivity. However, ensuring this with your commercial building’s interior design can be much easier said than done, especially as you recruit from a wide range of demographics. Naturally, employees are eager to feel relaxed and comfortable in their work environment. Staff should be allowed to reflect their creative and unique lives and personalities in their workstations. A worker placing a photo of a loved one on their desk, for example, can make all the difference.


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Our 3-step space planning service

No matter how large or small your current office space, we can draw up a new, re-engineered floor plan for it, enabling you and your staff to use this space with greater efficiency. Your new, productive relationship with Maris Interiors can start with just a phone call or email to our team.

From there, we can initially discuss your needs, including your company’s overarching mission and goals. While we can answer many of your questions over the phone or email, we might need to visit your office in person to more precisely assess your requirements in a space plan.

If you arrange for us to make a design visit to your office, here is the 3-step process which we will take, culminating in our presentation of a new space plan that allows you to easily see the benefits:

Step 1: Analyse your workspace

Upon visiting your working environment, we will analyse it as it stands before we consider your practical requirements and the size of the budget you have allocated for space planning. The questions which we will ask you at this stage include:

  • Do you intend to grow your employee base within the current office?
  • If not, have you considered downsizing to a smaller office?
  • Would you like to find space for new breakout zones or meeting rooms?
  • Are you interested in updating the office’s existing furniture and decor?

Rest assured that, whatever your answers to these questions, we will be able to assist.

Step 2: Clarify your project brief

We don’t consider ourselves simply an advisory service; from start to finish, we will work in close collaboration with you to ensure that your goals and needs are completely understood. Those needs and goals will feed into the design concepts and space planning solutions we initially generate for you. We can produce in-depth 2D floor plans that let you see how each area of the interior can be utilised. Each individual space can prioritise creativity, functionality or a mix of both as your business requires.

Your ongoing feedback will remain crucial as we continue to refine the plan until we eventually craft an office design ready for you to approve and us to finalise.

Step 3: Present the new space plan in the form of CAD

Your new space plan must be presented in a way that makes it effective – in both cost and time – to turn into a reality. Fortunately, computer-aided design (CAD) is one technology which allows for this, helping to explain why CAD has become ubiquitous in the office refurbishment industry. The comprehensive CAD rendering will show exactly how the new plan will work, meaning that you will easily be able to see the practical benefits. Our objective here is to ensure that you are completely happy with the plan before work begins on bringing it to fruition.

What do we factor into your space plan?

In planning your interior, we will optimise it carefully to ensure that your business can use it to its highest possible effectiveness and efficiency. In redesigning your office interior, we will consider various factors that can help you to both keep your workers comfortable and adhere to statutory requirements.

To these ends, we will take account of lighting levels, signage, temperature control, fire safety arrangements and welfare arrangements. We will also consider how much space you should provide per employee.

Contact our expert team

When interior design space planning, you should have your eye on your company’s long-term goals. These can include entering new fields of work, expanding your workforce and keeping your most talented staff. We can take the time to redesign your office and so help you with all of these goals. We are experts at moving forward the workplace you need today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. When judging how much office space you need, you don’t need to rely on your gut feeling – we are experts in this field.

We can carry out a Workplace Study, providing you with an insight into the trends, flows and utilisation of your current workplace. This information can then form the basis of future planning considerations. If you wish to speak to one of our office design experts, email hello@maris.co.uk or phone 020 3944 7639. You can also drop by our office in Southwark, where you can enjoy a coffee and discuss your specialised requirements with us in person.

We can visit you to provide a free consultation, evaluate the site and take measurements. A new floor plan can serve as the core of a whole new office design.

Everyone at Maris has their own particular expertise and skills, but it is the way everyone gels together to support one another that ensures we always overcome any and all challenges which come our way.

John Hughes

Head of Business Development