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Solving the puzzle

This isn’t just the case of seeing how many desks you can fit into a space, this part of the process is probably up there with one of the most important details you must get right, as this correlates directly with the amount of space that you need (or don’t).

Getting this this right can save you millions of pounds in rent. The key here is to work with the right metrics, as if you get them wrong; you not only waste space, but money too.

Take the example of a client of ours who occupied a half of two floors in the same building; as they were expanding they wanted to take 1 ½ floors of space (approximately 10,000sqft more). Through space planning we were able to tell them that by buying new furniture 20cm smaller than their existing, we could demonstrate that they fitted on one floor and therefore saved themselves £3.5m in rent over their lease term.

Saving space also creates space for other things that you may want or need, by getting the metrics to work in your favour, you can add rooms and spaces that you may not think you could have fitted in before. To put it simply, the space plan of your office is one of the most important documents that your business will look at during this process.

Saving space either creates space for other things, or it saves money.

Our Designers are experts at Space Planning, so we will help you to fit what you need into your space, we will also help you check that you’re not taking too much space. Optimising your workplace comes in many forms, but the first commodity you need to look at is the desk footprint, as when multiplied you’d be amazed the difference a change of desk size or a better layout.

Everyone at Maris has their own particular expertise and skills, but it is the way everyone gels together to support one another that ensures we always overcome any and all challenges which come our way.

John Hughes

Head of Business Development