Solera Holdings Engage Maris Interiors to Create a Global Standards Model for all Offices

Purpose of Engagement

Solera is a global leader in data, applications and services for the insurance and automotive industries. Founded in 2005, the company manages 300 million transactions annually with support from more than 6,500 team members worldwide and is transforming the way insurance and automotive professionals provide value to their customers.

They are based across hundreds of locations worldwide and have grown acquisitively, which means they have many offices with different brands and identities. Maris Interiors were engaged to provide a standardisation model for all offices under one umbrella, Solera. The objective was to create a look and feel for each new location, an identity that would let each visitor, employee or guest know they are in a Solera office. Once designed and agreed, there were 4 immediate locations that required either a fit-out or refurbishment based on the newly agreed Standardisation Model; Bracknell, Leeds, Berlin and Zeist. Maris Interiors have completed the fit-out in Bracknell and are in contract to deliver the remaining locations under a JCT Design and Build Contract. Given the success of each project and the delivery of a successful Design Standardisation Model, we are now their approved partner to deliver all projects across EMEA.

Maris Interiors Assignment

To create a Global Standardisation for Design, establishing employee and visitor experience across all new locations with a strong brand collaboration. The brief was simple, for every employee, visitor or guest to arrive at a Solera office and know instantly, they are experiencing Solera. We developed spatial models for each type of space or setting, brand identity aligned with their global strategies and a colour palette which reflects their culture and core values. This initiative was sponsored at Board level, also requiring a high intervention with their AV teams to ensure we were future proofing every aspect of the office design.



Maris Interiors Approach and Methodology

The journey started with a 3-day visioning session held at their Headquarters in Dallas, where we collaboratively agreed on the key principles and content of the standardisation model. We pushed our deliverables further by developing an application based on the number of people in an office, which showed the constituent parts required in any Solera office, from meeting rooms to phone booths to the size of the communications room, to breakout space and number of fixed desk positions. We were tasked with travelling around several of Soleras offices, then to critique our findings and explore ways of providing a better user experience in each event. Our responsibility and deliverables extended beyond just architectural elements, we also had to consider AV integration, power and data distribution, mechanical designs, FF&E (furniture, fittings and equipment) and catering provisions.

Creation of a Standardisation Model

Solera wanted to remove any local opportunity to deviate from the agreed standards. As such we developed a model which provided the project brief, based on the number of people operating from a given office. We did this by agreeing a set of principles around what should be on offer or provided within an office, regardless of its function or operating model. The benefits of creating this model include a project brief based on the agreed standardisation, the ability to forecast with accuracy the amount of space needed and the expedition on the delivery method.